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SPR MUCK is a furry-themed MUCK (chatroom-like, MUD), open to anyone. The easiest way to get to know it is to login with plain telnet, using TelnuTTY - works in HTML5 capable browsers - and inputting muck.sprmuck.org, or preferably via a more feature rich client (that can save your passwords and so on) MU* client such as TinyFugue, Trebuchet, BeipMU. Go to 'muck.sprmuck.org' port 23, or port 2323 if your firewall blocks port 23. Also, if your MU* client supports SSL (encrypted connection), you can use port 23551 for that. Connect as a guest using 'connect guest guest'. Once on, you can look at 'news' or 'help' for various commands, or go to the main gathering area by 'bus tft' and 'in'. If you have any questions while logged on, using 'staff' or 'wizzes' will show you what helpstaff or wizards are on to answer questions. Regular players are often friendly and can help out aswell.

To request a character, connect as a guest and enter @request, and you'll be guided through the process.

If you encounter any issues with this process, feel free to page a wizard, or send an email to chars@sprmuck.org.


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Old archives:
The latest archive from web.archive.org of SocioSpace's webpages, if that's what you were looking for, are here: SocioSpace on Archive.org
A copy of SPR Forums is here.
And finally, the pages that just got leeched and has to be updated, SPR's original pages


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