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Sociopolitical Ramifications MUCK has wizard staff specialized in various areas of MUCK operations from coding in MUF and MPI, Player Relations, Space and Vehicles.   Recent staff consolidations have resulted in a streamlined and more focused wizard staff with clearer areas of specialty.

To see who is online, type WIZZES while connected to the muck.

Wizard Name Specialty
DivineVixen Chairfox of SPR. Final arbiter of policy matters.
Tikaani Server Administrator, MUF/Technical Issues, Security in All Things
Serailyn All-around Helpful Serailyn (MUF and more!)
Azrael Player Relations/Mediation/Conduct/Muffins!


We also have a large HELPSTAFF, a group of dedicated players who are available to answer those player questions that do not require wizard assistance.   Helpstaffers marked @HSP are even capable of making characters just like a wizard.

To see who is online, type HELPSTAFF while connected to the MUCK.


Staff Name Specialty
Drac Wizard/Player and Player/Player relations.
Kefan Building/MPI/Newbies/@hsp/No space/Taurs!
Necros Everything but MPI and MUF

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