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Like all MUCKs (and MUDs and MUSHes), Sociopolitical Ramifications is a text-based world which is accessed by the telnet protocol.   Our Telnet address is port 23

Connecting to SPR varies based on whether one is connecting from a Windows machine, or a *nix (unix, linux, BSD, etc) machine.   

Windows Connection -

You can connect to SPR from Windows 95/98/NT via the built-in telnet client.  To do so, click on the START button, then select RUN.  In the open box, type the following and hit ENTER.

telnet 23

When the login screen appears type <in lowercase>   

connect guest guest

That's it, you're connected to SPR.  To get a real, non-guest character, type WIZZES to see who is on duty then page them a request.  If no wizards are on duty, type HELPSTAFF and look for HSP members and page them.   If neither are online, email your request to the address on the login screen.

This method of connection is Raw Telnet, and can be confusing as what you are hearing and what you are typing to say are on the same line.    MUCK/MUD clients are available that provide separate entry and response boxes, scripting and other goodies.   Here are a few of the common ones

zMUD (W95/W98/NT) 

beipMU (W95/W98/NT) 

MuckClient (W95/98/NT/W2K)



To register SPR in TinyFugue (a popular UNIX MUCK client), start the client and type:
/addworld -T'tiny.muck' spr 23

Using the DNS address rather than the IP number is encouraged, because the IP number might change when the system configuration is modified. However, if your name server gives you trouble, the IP numeric address is currently (port 23).

Tinyfugue (Unix/Linux) 

And here are download-clickable links to pretty PDFs with tear-off strips, to print out and drape all over town, or whatever con you go to. Or just as a reminder on your monitor so you won't forget! The main one and one reminding you that EuroFurence once was small. :3^M

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