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From our login screen, SPR is 'The furry, free, tech-styled MUCK at FOO, Linkoeping, Sweden, Earth!  Founded 19th September 1994.'

Sociopolitical Ramifications while based around a tech theme has areas to suit the tastes of every kind of player.   There are vast areas of pristine wilderness (savannah, desert, rainforest, woodlands) as well as high-tech cities (Matrix Plains City and New Tikal) and a large space community.   From Knuth Park to various clubs and meeting places for those that just wish  to socialize, to areas like space dedicated to roleplaying, SPR has something to offer to everyone.   

Unlike many other mucks, we do not have a building quota, players may feel free to build as much or as little as they wish, adding to our common world!    MUF coding, the programming language that drives all in-game systems, is also freely  available to the players (at beginning levels).   Any player wishing to learn can contact a MUF wizard for an M1 (permission) bit and join the world of coders.

From the technological to the pastoral, Sociopolitical Ramifications is wide open for the player to make their mark on the community, meet new friends, and relax in a friendly atmosphere.

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